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Whether it's a simple idea that needs scripting and storyboarding, or a fully developed concept that is ready for a green-light on production, we can make it happen.

When / Where:

New York, Texas, Colombia


Presumption of Innocence


Documentary based on a real life story. Haz clic aquí para agregar tu propio texto y editar. Es fácil. Haz clic en Editar Texto o doble clic aquí para agregar tu contenido y cambiar la fuente.

When / Where:

New York - Kentucky


When / Where:

New York

Every afternoon

When / Where:

New York



A Documentary series that will try to understand the remote circumstances of the sudden death of a best friend, what may have caused her to leave, how did we all miss something and what can be done to help someone in a similar situation. Stories about survivors will help us get a grasp of the aftermath and how to cope with it.

When / Where:

New York

(Script Development)

When / Where:

New York, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Bogotá

Research while dealing with own feelings



Short Film. On the process of developing the story and writing the screenplay to send it to a film competition and get the funds to produce it by Christmas time.



Feature Film adaptation based on a novel by a Colombian writer that tells the tragic story of the massive poissoning of mostly kids in a Colombian town caused by pesticide.

Horse Racing


A series inside the Horse Racing Business protagonists and the process to get there. Horses, Jockeys, Trainers and Owners. 

This will be a 360/VR Experience.

Feature Film


Mosaico will provide All production services in the city of New York while filming there.

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